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Wijmo 5 Launch Event

1 hr Oct 8, 2014: 9:00 am EST, 2:00 pm EST

Please join our live launch event for Wijmo 5! Wijmo 5 is a new generation of JavaScript Controls.

JavaScript has evolved from a tool used for complementing mostly static web pages to the language of choice for writing applications that run everywhere, from the desktop to tablets to phones. Big parts of this evolution include improvements to the language itself (ECMAScript 5), better browsers (evergreen), better frameworks (like AngularJS). Another big part is the introduction of controls, which allow developers to encapsulate and re-use chunks of logic and UI to create quality applications quickly and easily.

We will focus on the evolution of JavaScript controls, from jQueryUI-based widgets to Wijmo 5. Modern JavaScript controls blend the best of JavaScript with tried-and-true component features from XAML, including real properties, eventing, localization, data-binding, control templates, MVVM, support, and more.