• Excel-like panel design

    Offer users familiarity with the Excel-like pivot panel

  • Built for speed

    Process and aggregate thousands of rows in milliseconds

  • Increase user productivity

    Includes built-in save and load of views, along with asynchronous processing with progress bars and background work

  • Connects directly to Microsoft SSAS cubes, without the server-side API

    Bind your PivotGrid or PivotChart directly to your existing SSAS cubes

  • Server-side OLAP support

    Use the Web API on the server to add server-side support to OLAP. Requires ComponentOne Web API.

OLAP Features

OLAP Outline Mode

  • We added a new PivotGrid.outlineMode property in OLAP
  • In outline mode, the PivotGrid renders row fields in an outline format that is more compact and reduces the amount of white space shown on the screen
  • Outline mode is recommended for views with a large number of row fields. It's similar to what Excel offers in its PivotTables

JavaScript Pivot Panel

Drag and drop pivot fields in the smart PivotPanel

JavaScript Pivot Panel

Display Excel-like data summaries in PivotGrid

  • Manage large data sets easily with collapsible rows and column groups
  • Drill down into the data with the custom context menu
  • Export the grid to XLSX files
  • Grid extends and inherits FlexGrid, including custom cell feature
  • Extend your grid’s formatting with logical grouping for multiple date types
  • Group and manage data with subtotals
  • Double-click any value cell to view the data items that were used to calculate each summary
  • Specify a custom function for retrieving field values with the PivotField.getValue property. You can use this to implement calculated fields such as 'binning' (e.g. Value => large/medium/small) or calculated expressions (e.g Conversion => downloads/sales).

JavaScript Pivot Grid

Visualize large data sets with PivotChart

  • Summarize data in multiple chart types, including column, bar, area, line, scatter, and pie
  • Convey the view structure with hierarchical axes
  • Contains both FlexChart and FlexPie and inherits from those Wijmo components

JavaScript Pivot Panel

Visually filter data with slicers

Wijmo's OLAP slicer allows users to filter data based on values and indicates the current filtering state, which makes it easy to understand what's shown in filtered PivotGrid and PivotChart components.

JavaScript Pivot Panel

Server-side OLAP Support

Client-side OLAP engine: Wijmo’s Pivot components were created for analyzing datasets on the client. Our client-side OLAP engine can handle relatively large amounts of data (in the order of hundreds of thousands of records), but it requires the raw data to be downloaded to the client, and that makes it impractical to analyze really large datasets (millions of records), so we've added server-side options.

NEW! Direct connection to Microsoft SSAS cubes: There's no need for the server-side API if you already have Microsoft SSAS cubes in place! Learn more in the blog.

Optional server-side support: Use a URL in the itemSource property to instruct the OLAP components to query a Web API on the server instead of analyzing an array on the client. The server-side engine is part of our ASP.NET MVC product line and must be installed and licensed separately. We recommend purchasing Ultimate so that you have both server and client side components for our OLAP components.

OLAP server-side connections



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Demos and Samples

OLAP Intro
More OLAP Samples

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