Design Surface and Code Generator for Wijmo Components

Whether you are a novice or expert user, the Wijmo Web Designer saves development time and minimizes coding errors and typos. You can easily generate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to define the appearance and behavior of data visualization and UI components. Watch the video below to see the Wijmo Web Designer in action.


As Easy as 1-2-3

1. Add components from the Toolbox

2. Customize properties and events

3. Generate markup and script code

Handling Complex Objects

The Wijmo Web Designer is especially useful for manipulating collections such as chart series.

  • Modify or remove existing chart series elements
  • Add new series elements of a specific type (standard series, moving average, trend line, and more)
  • Customize newly added series elements

Column chart with trend line

The Wijmo Web Designer simplifies development by letting you work in an intuitive visual environment, then generating code that properly creates and initializes complex objects.

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Next Steps