Wijmo Angular Framework

Exporting PDFs for Angular Datagrids

Wijmo's Angular datagrid, FlexGrid, supports content exporting and formatting to PDFs. This allows you to not only view data in a browser but also add FlexGrid to newly-created PDFs. Modify PDFs and reports to include FlexGrid.

Export to File

Wijmo's Angular datagrid, FlexGrid, allows you to use its PDF converter to generate new PDFs containing the data from the datagrid. You can also scale the exported FlexGrid to different sizes, change its orientation, and even choose a specific selection to export.

Export to File Demo

Export to PdfDocument

With Wijmo's PdfDocument class, you can export the FlexGrid to an existing PDF document. If you have a PDF that needs added to the FlexGrid, the PdfDocument class allows you to open the PDF and specify where to draw the Angular datagrid.

Export to PdfDocument Demo

Expense Report

FlexGrid, used in conjunction with its PdfDocument and FlexGridPdfConverter classes, supports using the DataGrid to create expense reports in Angular applications. PdfDocument also includes vector graphic methods, allowing you to include captions and expected handwritten entries.

Expense Report Demo


Maintain the styles and formatting of your FlexGrid when exporting the  Angular datagrid to a PDF. You can also include images and format cells as they are drawn onto the PDF using the PDF converter's formatItem callback function.

Customization Demo