wijmo.knockout.gauge Class wjBulletGraph Wijmo API Class

wjBulletGraph Class

KnockoutJS binding for the BulletGraph control.

Use the wjBulletGraph binding to add BulletGraph controls to your KnockoutJS applications. For example:

<p>Here is a BulletGraph control:</p>
<div data-bind="wjBulletGraph: {
        value: props.value,
        min: props.min,
        max: props.max,
        format: props.format,
        good: props.ranges.middle.max,
        bad: props.ranges.middle.min,
        target: props.ranges.target,
        showRanges: props.showRanges }"
    <div data-bind="wjRange: {
            wjProperty: 'pointer',
            thickness: props.ranges.pointerThickness }">

The wjBulletGraph binding may contain the wjRange child binding.

The wjBulletGraph binding supports all read-write properties and events of the BulletGraph control. The value property provides two-way binding mode.