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FlexChart Class

React component that encapsulates the wijmo.chart.FlexChart control.

The example below shows how to instantiate and initialize a wijmo.chart.FlexChart control in JSX:

  itemsSource={ this.state.data }
  header={ this.state.header }
  footer={ this.state.footer }
  axisX={​{ title: this.state.titleX }}
  axisY={​{ title: this.state.titleY }}
  legend={​{ position: this.state.legendPosition }}
      { name: 'Sales', binding: 'sales' },
      { name: 'Expenses', binding: 'expenses' },
      { name: 'Downloads', binding: 'downloads', chartType: 'LineSymbols' }
  ]} />

The code sets the itemsSource property to a collection that contains the data to chart and the bindingX property to specify the name of the data property to use for the chart's X values.

It sets the header and footer properties to specify the chart titles, and customizes the chart's axes and legend.

Finally, it sets the series property to an array that specifies the data items that the chart should display.