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FlexGrid Class

React component that encapsulates the wijmo.grid.FlexGrid control. The example below shows how to instantiate and initialize a wijmo.grid.FlexGrid control in JSX:

  autoGenerateColumns={ false }
    { binding: 'name', header: 'Name' },
    { binding: 'sales', header: 'Sales', format: 'c0' },
    { binding: 'expenses', header: 'Expenses', format: 'c0' },
    { binding: 'active', header: 'Active' },
    { binding: 'date', header: 'Date' }
  itemsSource={ this.state.data } />

The code sets the autoGenerateColumns property to false, then sets the columns property, and finally sets the itemsSource property. This order is important, it prevents the grid from automatically generating the columns.