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Geo Dashboard
Framework: angular react vue
The sample creates a service that connects ArcGIS online to get several information sources via the Extent object. Changing the Extent causes the service to update the information using ArcGIS online. The information is displayed in tiles bound to the ViewModel. Clicking a tile will display a corresponding layer on the map. The sample allows you to search for locations by name (using Google's geocoding services), or to go to your current location (using HTML5 location services available in most modern browsers). The framework versions of the sample are especially interesting because they use custom directives that wrap the Esri map. This simplifies the markup dramatically and makes the components re-usable within the application and across applications. The sample also shows how you can use filters to perform tasks such as converting coordinates from (x,y) to (longitude/latitude) notation. This allows the app to display coordinates as [40°27'44"N, 80°1'24"W] instead of [-80.02, 40.46].