Base Control

The building block for all Wijmo controls is the Control class. This class provides much of the basic functionalities for Wijmo controls, including Globalization, validation, and theming.

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Wijmo controls are styled using CSS. The default look is provided by the required 'wijmo.css' file, and over 20 beautiful themes are included as optional CSS files.

In addition to the CSS files included with Wijmo, you can use standard CSS selectors to customize the look of any Wijmo control.

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By default, Wijmo formats and parses data using the American English culture. The decimal symbol is a period, the thousand separator is a comma, and the days of the week run from "Sunday" through "Saturday".

If your application targets other cultures, include references to the appropriate Wijmo culture files in your HTML pages. Wijmo includes over 40 culture files (see the complete list).

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The Clipboard class provides static copy and paste methods that can be used by controls to customize the clipboard content during clipboard operations.

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Wijmo events are similar to .NET events. Any class may define events by declaring them as fields. Any class may subscribe to events using the event's addHandler method and unsubscribe using the removeHandler method.

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In addition to the built-in validation, you can implement your own custom behaviors using code. For example, if you check the box below the grid will handle the cellEditEnded event to check whether there are any validation errors in the row that was just edited. If any errors are detected, the grid will select the invalid cell and get back into edit mode.

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