Wijmo 2021 v2 - August 3, 2021

Wijmo has just shipped its second major release of 2021. This release includes the official release of FlexMap, Excel Note support, and a new ColumnGroups API. Let's take a closer look at the release!

  • FlexMap out of Beta
  • Excel Notes support added to FlexGrid Import and Export in Excel
  • Added ColumnGroup API for easily managing ColumnGroups in code
  • CellTemplates for ColumnGroups in Angular, React, and Vue
  • Expand/Collapse/Reorder events for ColumnGroups Supported by UndoStack
  • Added support for dragging to reorder ColumnGroups or Columns within ColumnGroups
  • Added ColumnGroup components to Angular, React, and Vue for declarative markup
  • Save/Persist State of ColumnGroups

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