Why Wyn Enterprise?

Wyn Enterprise is a fully secured enterprise BI software that delivers collaborative self-service reporting and analytics. Wyn Enterprise provides advanced self-service business intelligence with built-in tools for data governance, data modeling, data federation, scheduled distribution, and multitenancy.

  • Data Governance

    Centralize and control data availability to secure and govern your enterprise business information. Set up rules to limit information using any custom user property. Restrict sensitive information to those with clearance, filter data at row level, and deliver different datasets to select user groups across your enterprise.

  • Self-service BI

    Versatile dashboard and report designers provide an easy-to-use environment for both technical and non-technical users alike. Any user can easily generate comprehensive ad hoc reports and interactive visual dashboards independently, without the need for IT or technical assistance.

  • Web-based Portals

    Utilize any browser on your desktop or mobile device to access documents on the go. Responsive and richly interactive viewers allow Wyn Enterprise to deliver your data visualizations to you on the go. Export your documents to PDF, CSV, Excel, Word, and more.

  • Visualization Through Dashboards and Reports

    Effectively tell the story behind your data with data visualizations. Wyn Enterprise’s interactive dashboards and reports will help reveal existing trends in your business data, empowering you to make strategic and data-driven decisions.

  • A Fully White-labeled Embeddable BI Solution

    Allow your users to access business intelligence from within your business applications. Customize with your own logos and branding, while utilizing the APIs and Modules available to provide a fully white-labeled user experience.

  • Secured Enterprise Business Intelligence

    Work in a secured centralized environment. The web-based admin portal allows you to configure your security rules so your IT team can easily manage roles, permissions, licenses, users, and security

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Leverage Your Data with Wyn Enterprise



Data Visualization Components

A wide array of data visualization components will help tell the story of your data, revealing trends in the business to empower users to make strategic and data-driven decisions. Visualizations include bar, column, line, area, pie, doughnut, rose, sunburst, radar, scatter, bubble, tree, and funnel charts, pivot tables, KPI matrices, maps, rich text, slicers, and more.

Business User-friendly Interface

WynDashboards provide a simple user-friendly interface for both technical and non-technical authors. Design dashboards at your convenience to inform your business decisions.

Interactive Dashboard Viewer

Explore the trends in your data by displaying your dashboards in the interactive viewer. Slice and dice business information, drill-down on data, and change your visualizations on the fly; change your bar chart to a pie chart quickly and easily.

Data Visualization Components


Intuitive Designer

The user-friendly designer UI is similar to that of a word processing application with features for both business users and technical power users alike. The toolbox provides all the necessary components to ensure high flexibility in the report creation process.


View your report in the built-in JSViewer, a fast, modern, and powerful report viewer. Give your end users complete control of their reports with one-touch printing, multiple export formats, various display modes, drill-down and drill-though interactivity, customization options and more.

Trusted ActiveReports Engine

Leverage the lightning-fast, powerful ActiveReports reporting engine to develop complex interactive reports.

Wyn Reports

Wyn Enterprise - Key Features

  • Multi-data Source Integration

    Extensive support to pull in data from different formats like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, Excel, JSON, CSV, XML, MongoDB, ODBC, OData. End users can also use their data through the Data Query Designer. Data sources include database, cloud data, locally stored file data, and program data such as JSON/OData.

  • Role-based Security

    The user role determines the availability of resources to the end-user. Only authorized users can create and view different documents.

  • Multi-tenant Deployment

    Rules can be set to restrict the data available to each tenant logged into the same portal. The UserContext attributes drive the end-user experience by determining what data, reports, dashboards, schedules, etc. are available to the end-user.

  • Automated Distribution and Scheduling

    Users can distribute documents on subscription-based, automated schedules for recurring report and dashboard distributions. Share your reports as a number of different available formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, and Image formats (PNG, JPEG).

  • Single Sign-on Security Provider

    The extensible security provider allows the integration of the web app with virtually any authentication method. Users can sign in with their existing username and password within the application.

  • Customizable UI

    Wyn Enterprise allows such UI customizations that it can look like a part of your existing web application. Customize the logos, titles, themes, URLs, and other UI elements.

Wyn Enterprise Solutions by Industry

Extensive and Flexible Security


Forecast the future. Easily deep dive your data to better understand trends and patterns. Spend less time collecting and more time analyzing and forecasting. Analyze large volumes of financial data and deliver meaningful reports quickly and easily. Learn more.



Monitor claims, analyze risk, and optimize reporting. Your business information can be transformed into actionable data that can help drive critical business decisions. Combine disparate data sources to centralize and organize your data to improve the underwriting processes and efficiency, average claim resolution time, and beyond. Learn more.



Visualize clinical and healthcare data. Secure ad hoc, self-service reports to curate information for data governance in healthcare, reducing the time that it takes to pull and share information. Learn more.



The browser-based designers enable users to work with multiple data sources to organize and design informative dashboards and reports to generate transactional enterprise reports. Learn more.



Visualize operational efficiency by streamlining manufacturing processes. Wyn Enterprise can be used as an analysis and decision engine for project teams, departments, and the entire enterprise. Track inventory to fluctuations in demand; adjust materials and products accordingly. Effective data visualizations determine profit contributions by segment and customer with information on the overall margin spread. Learn more.

Technology and IT

Technology and IT

Drive your technology reporting processes with data. With the centralized distribution module, you can automate recurring reports and schedules. Learn more.

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