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C1.Blazor.Input Assembly / C1.Blazor.Input Namespace / C1MaskedTextBox Class / MaskedTextChanged Property

In This Topic
    MaskedTextChanged Property
    In This Topic
    Occurs when consistent content that conforms to the Mask changes in the text box.
    Public Property MaskedTextChanged As EventCallback(Of MaskedTextChangedEventArgs)
    public EventCallback<MaskedTextChangedEventArgs> MaskedTextChanged {get; set;}
    Just after the Text property has beed changed via user input or code, the C1MaskedTextBox updates the text again in order to make it consistent with the Mask. As a result, the TextChanged event can be triggered twice on each user input. In contrast to this, the MaskedTextChanged is triggered only when Text is updated with a value that conforms to the Mask.
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