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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    Series are the groupings of the related points of data inside the Plot Area of the chart. You can use various types of series in FlexChart which are listed as follows.

    WaterFall Series
    Learn how to add WaterFall Series in FlexChart.
    ErrorBar Series
    Learn how to add ErrorBar Series in FlexChart.
    BoxWhisker Series
    Learn how to add BoxWhisker Series in FlexChart.

    Series Tooltip

    By default, FlexChart displays tooltip when you hover the mouse on a data point in a chart or a series. It allows you to display the tooltip content for specific chart series using the Series.TooltipContent property.

    The following code demonstrates how to add the tooltip content for a specific series. This example uses the sample created in the Customize Appearance section.

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    .TooltipContent("<b>{name}</b> : {value}")