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    C1.Xaml.Schedule Namespace
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    ClassThe AddingAppointmentEventArgs class describes routed event data for the C1Scheduler.UserAddingAppointment event.
    ClassAlternateMonthBrushConverter returns background brush for the specified VisualInterval. ConverterParameter property should be set to the base brush value. Returns the base brush for even months; AlternateMonthBrush property value for odd months.
    ClassThe AppointmentActionEventArgs class describes routed event data for user actions on the Appointment object.
    ClassProvides a surface for painting appointment boxes over an arbitrary visual intervals layout.
    ClassPositions child elements in sequential position from left to right, breaking content to the next line at the edge of the containing box. Subsequent ordering happens sequentially from top to bottom or from right to left, depending on the value of the Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Orientation property. If Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Orientation property is Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Orientation.Vertical this panel behaves as the base class. If Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Orientation property is Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Orientation.Horizontal then AppointmentWrapPanel tries to position child elements in available space. For example, it doesn't wrap the child to the next line if the next line invisible. Instead, it shows as much as possible in the last visible line.
    ClassProvides data for the C1Scheduler.BeforeViewChange event of the C1Scheduler control.
    ClassRepresents a schedule with an ability to interactively manage appointments.
    ClassRepresents UI for navigating the C1Scheduler control to other dates.
    ClassAn instance of this class is used in the C1Scheduler's template visual tree to define a place where a pane representing schedule time intervals will appear.
    ClassThe C1SchedulerResources keeps the set of resources used by the C1Scheduler control. Static fields of this class return default C1Scheduler's themes.
    ClassDetermines auxiliary properties providing different C1Scheduler object settings.
    ClassRepresents the bridge between the view and the C1Scheduler control.
    ClassProvides auxiliary properties providing calendar specific information.
    ClassDefines a construction that describes a wrapper for the single covered element.
    ClassThe CoveredElementsCollection represents an observable collection of Windows.UI.Xaml.FrameworkElements.
    ClassDefines a construction that describes a UI that represents a single data object. The UI is constituted of a number of CoverElementChunk elements.
    ClassThe CoverElementChunk class represents an indivisible part of a UI for a data object.
    ClassThe CoverElementChunkCollection represents the observable collection of CoverElementChunk objects.
    ClassThe CoverElementCollection is a observable keyed collection of CoverElement objects.
    ClassProvides a surface for painting UI elements over the arbitrary layout.
    ClassProvides additional info about a DateTime in a specified culture.
    ClassThe DateTimeInterval object represents a continuous interval of time.
    ClassThe DateTimePropertyChangeEventArgs class describes routed event data for the DateTime property changing events.
    ClassRepresents a Binding converter that converts a System.DateTime to one of its string representations.
    ClassThis class provides a way to apply day group styles for ordinal/current days.
    ClassThe EditAppointmentControl control allows end-user to edit appointment properties.
    ClassClass that provides static extension methods for several other classes.
    ClassRepresents an Appointment in a VisualInterval.
    ClassThe IntervalAppointmentCollection class is a ReadOnlyObservableCollection collection of IntervalAppointment objects belonging to a certain VisualInterval object.
    ClassThe IntervalAppointmentPresenter class represents the single appointment element in the C1Scheduler UI and allows in-place appointment editing.
    ClassRepresents a collection of VisualIntervalGroupDescription objects.
    ClassRepresents a collection of Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.GroupStyle objects.
    ClassMonthToStringConverter converts VisualInterval start time to string.
    ClassRepresents a property setter which is being used as an item of the C1Scheduler.NestedSetters collection and is able to assign a value to a C1Scheduler nested property.
    ClassRepresents a collection of NestedPropertySetter objects.
    ClassThe PropertyChangeEventArgsBase class describes routed event data for the dependency property changing events.
    ClassAllows to select or remove a single occurrence or the whole recurring series.
    ClassThe ReminderActionEventArgs class describes routed event data for actions on the Reminder object.
    ClassRepresents single C1.C1Schedule.Reminder object.
    ClassThe RemindersListBox represents collection of C1.C1Schedule.Reminder objects in a two-column view.
    ClassHolds all the data required for displaying individual UI part for the single resource, category or contact when the C1Scheduler.GroupBy property is set, or default UI otherwise.
    ClassRepresents a collection of the SchedulerGroupItem objects.
    ClassThe ShowRemindersControl displays currently active reminders and allows to control them.
    ClassThe ThemeResources class is a base abstract class for ThemeResources classes.
    ClassRepresents UI for displaying horizontal or vertical time ruler in the C1Scheduler control template.
    ClassRepresents a Binding converter that converts minute part of DateTimeInfo start time to its string representation.
    ClassSupplies hours and minutes string representation based on the specified VisualInterval object, current culture and C1Scheduler.TimeFormat property value.
    ClassRepresents a Binding converter that returns a Visibility value for the time ruler UI part.
    ClassThis class provides a way to apply time slot styles for working/free hours in DayView/WorkWeekView modes.
    ClassRepresents a definition of a minimal indivisible time interval represented by the C1Scheduler.
    ClassRepresents a collection of VisualInterval objects.
    ClassInstances of this class appear as DataContext for the C1Scheduler group headers defined in the C1Scheduler.VisualIntervalGroupStyles collection.
    ClassRepresents a grouping criteria for a collection of VisualInterval objects.
    ClassThe VisualIntervalGroupsPresenter class is a listbox representing the collection of VisualIntervalGroup objects. This class implements selection logic for all-day areas in Day View, WorkWeek View and Office 2007 Week View modes.
    ClassRepresents a selectable item in a VisualIntervalsPresenter.
    ClassThe base class for list boxes which should represent the collection of VisualInterval objects.
    ClassVisualIntervalToStringConverter converts VisualInterval start time to string using formatting string specified in one of the C1Scheduler properties: - DayViewDayHeaderFormat, - WeekViewDayHeaderFormat, - MonthViewDayHeaderMonthFormat, - MonthViewDayHeaderDayFormat, - MonthViewHeaderFormat. Converter parameter should specify C1Scheduler property name. If converter parameter is null, uses VisualInterval.Culture.DateTimeFormat.ShortDatePattern as formatting string.
    EnumerationDetermines the type of appointments drawn by the AppointmentsCoverPane pane.
    EnumerationDescribes how UI element is sized with respect to the available space.
    EnumerationDetermines the view type which should be used in the C1Scheduler control.
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