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    In This Topic

    CalendarView contains an advanced navigation system for navigating through dates, months, or years. The control allows navigation in three ways, as follows:

    CalendarView consists of navigation buttons, Previous and Next, which allow you to go to the previous or the next month within the maximum and minimum date range. On navigating to a different month, calendar sets the first selectable day of the previous or next month as the current day.

    The following image displays the navigation buttons.

    Popup month and year selectors

    Clicking the month in calendar title opens the popup month selector. The selector displays nine consecutive months, four before and four after the current month. Similarly, clicking the year in calendar title opens up the popup year selector displaying nine consecutive years. The years include four years before and four years after the current year. The popup year selector opens only if you set the value of the PeriodSelectionType property to List.

    The following images display the popup month and year selectors.

    Popup Month Selector

    Popup Year Selector

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    Year field

    Clicking the year in calendar title activates the year field in the case of PeriodSelectionType set to Field. The year field enables you to input any year value and jump to that specific year right from the current year. However, the input year value should lie in the range of selectable dates.

    The following image displays the year field.

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