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    CalendarView Features
    In This Topic

    CalendarView provides features to help you navigate and select days, months, and years. In addition, the control supports features to let you set culture, display multiple months, and customize the appearance of calendar.  

    The following sections let you explore various features of CalendarView.

    Learn how to navigate through dates, months, or years in CalendarView.
    Learn how to select single or multiple days in CalendarView.
    Keyboard Support
     Learn how to use several key combinations for quick navigation and selection in CalendarView.
    Multi-Month View
    Learn how to display multiple months in CalendarView.
    Custom Dates
    Learn how to add or remove custom dates in CalendarView.
    Culture Settings
    Learn how to change current culture in CalendarView.
    Right to Left Support
    Learn how to implement right to left support in CalendarView.
    Appearance and Styling
    Learn how to customize the appearance of CalendarView.