ComponentOne Data Source for Entity Framework
C1.Data Namespace / ClientCacheBase Class

In This Topic
    ClientCacheBase Class
    In This Topic
    Represents the client-side cache, the central hub of data access in the Studio for Entity Framework.
    Object Model
    ClientCacheBase Class
    Public MustInherit Class ClientCacheBase 
    public abstract class ClientCacheBase 

    Usually, a single instance of this class is created on application startup with an ObjectContext/DomainContext as a parameter and exists during the entire application lifetime, while each form, window, or user control works with data using a ClientScope created by calling the CreateScope method.

    It is the base class for platform-specific implementations, such as C1.Data.Entities.EntityClientCache (Entity Framework), C1.Silverlight.Data.RiaServices.RiaClientCache (RIA Services).

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