ComponentOne Data Source for Entity Framework
C1.Data.DataSource Namespace / ClientViewSource Class / VirtualMode Property

In This Topic
    VirtualMode Property (ClientViewSource)
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets a value indicating whether the ClientViewSource is in virtual mode. Virtual mode is an innovative technology allowing to bind GUI controls directly to very large data sets without delays and performance degradation and without inconvenience of paging. By default, virtual mode is disabled (the default value is VirtualModeKind.None).
    Public Property VirtualMode As VirtualModeKind
    public VirtualModeKind VirtualMode {get; set;}

    ClientViewSource in virtual mode intelligently and transparently both for the end user and for the developer loads only the entities that need to be displayed on the screen.

    To enable virtual mode, set this property to Managed if you have a control handler with VirtualMode set to True; otherwise, set it to VirtualModeKind.Unmanaged.

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