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    ViewRowState Enumeration
    In This Topic
    The state of a view row with regard to edit, add and delete operations if they are performed directly on the view.
    Public Enum ViewRowState 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum ViewRowState : System.Enum 
    DetachedThe row was deleted, or it is a new row after exiting edit mode.
    ModifiedThe row is in edit mode (ViewRow.BeginEdit was called, neither ViewRow.EndEdit nor ViewRow.CancelEdit was called yet), and the row is not new (was not created by ViewRowCollection.CreateRow).
    NewThe row was added to the view directly (not by adding to a basic data collection) by calling ViewRowCollection.CreateRow or through data binding (such new row enters edit mode once it is created) and still in edit mode (neither ViewRow.EndEdit nor ViewRow.CancelEdit was called yet).
    UnmodifiedThe row is a regular view row, not in edit mode and not deleted.

    This state concerns edit, add and delete operations performed directly on the view (programmatically via ViewRow objects or through data binding). It does not concern modifications made to the view's base (source) data collections. Modifications made to source data can also change view items, as a result of the normal view maintenance process, see View.MaintenanceMode, but in that case the state of thus added or modified rows remains Unmodified.

    Note on adding rows directly to the view:

    If a row is added directly to the view (as opposed to adding it to one of its base data collections), the following happens:

    When a new row is created with ViewRowCollection.CreateRow or through data binding, it enters edit mode.

    When it is committed with ViewRow.EndEdit, a new row is added to the view's base data collection, and, usually, a corresponding row appears in the view, that has Unmodified state, although in some cases it may be more than one row or none, depending on the view query. The original view row no longer corresponds to a view item after the ViewRow.EndEdit or ViewRow.CancelEdit call, its state becomes Detached. Accessing it after that would throw an exception.
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