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C1.Win.C1FlexGrid Namespace / C1FlexGridBase Class / Glyphs Property

In This Topic
    Glyphs Property (C1FlexGridBase)
    In This Topic
    Gets the collection of control glyphs (images used to show sorting, check boxes, etc).
    Public ReadOnly Property Glyphs As GridGlyphs
    public GridGlyphs Glyphs {get;}

    The Glyphs property returns a GridGlyphs collection with an indexer of type GlyphEnum. This collection allows you to get or set the images used to indicate column sorting, collapsed and expanded outline groups, check boxes, cursors, error information, etc.

    Note: Setting a glyph to null restores the default (built-in) image. If you want to make a glyph invisible, set it to a small blank image instead.

    For example, the code below causes the grid to use custom images to display the column sorting order (instead of the built-in hollow triangles):
    flex.Glyphs[GlyphEnum.Ascending]  = imgAscending;
    flex.Glyphs[GlyphEnum.Descending] = imgDescending;
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