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    WPF Layout Controls
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    Display your controls in elegant layouts using WPF Layout Controls. The Layout Controls are designed to consistency to the application design. It nicely reduces the number of modifications in the UI you need to make over time and therefore brings down costly rebuilds.

    The Layout Controls have been designed to lets users arrange or organize controls within an application sans any issues of overlapping and misalignment.

    The layout of a control is very crucial for optimum application usability. The layout controls are designed keeping in mind the following aspects.

    ComponentOne provides two layout controls for WPF applications, Accordion ad Expander. The Accordion control provides a collapsible and expandable information panel to include data such as text, images and other simple controls. The Expander control can be used to create an expandable and collapsible information panel that can include text, images, and controls.

    The upcoming topics discuss about the Accordion and Expander controls in depth.