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    Trend Lines
    In This Topic
    Note: To use the trend lines feature, it is necessary to add the reference to the C1.WPF.C1Chart.Extended.dll or C1.Silverlight.Chart.Extended.dll in your project.

    With ten different supported trendlines, C1Chart makes adding this feature easy! All you have to do is control how they are added to your chart and how their appearance.

    There are two groups of trendlines supported by the C1Chart control: regression and non-regression.

    Average, Maximum, Minimum, and MovingAverage trendlines are non-regression trendlines.

    Polynomial, Exponent, Logarithmic, Power, and Fourier functions are regression trendlines that approximate the data in which the functions trend.

    You can change the trendline type to fit your C1Chart data by changing the FitType  property. You can also change the Order property to create a looser or closer fit between trendline and data points.

    Note: Trendlines aren't used in all types of 2D charts; generally, they're used in X-Y line, bar, or scatter charts.


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