DataSource for Entity Framework in WPF
C1.Data.DataSource Namespace / FilterDescriptor Class / IgnoredValue Property

In This Topic
    IgnoredValue Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets the value for the right operand for which this filter should be ignored.
    Public Property IgnoredValue As Object
    public object IgnoredValue {get; set;}
    If Value matches IgnoredValue, this filter will not be applied to the load query by the ClientViewSource. The IgnoredValue is compared to Value twice in the ClientViewSource. First, it is strictly compared using an System.Object.Equals(System.Object,System.Object) comparison. Second, both values are converted to type of the property specified by the PropertyPath and compared again. If either conversion matches, this filter is ignored.

    For example, the following Value/IgnoredValue pairs will all match for an integer property and result in the filter being ignored: 0/0, 0/"0", "0"/"0", and "0"/0.

    This property is set to DefaultIgnoredValue by default. The default value will only match if Value is also set to DefaultIgnoredValue.

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