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    Radial Menu Elements
    In This Topic

    The RadialMenu control elements are found in the control itself, RadialMenu and RadialMenuItems elements. The elements of both RadialMenu and RadialMeuItems are described in the following sections.

    RadialMenu Elements

    The RadialMenu is a control that allows radial organization of elements. The radial menus can be nested to any depth that you desire, and you can add as many items to the radial menu as you need to add.

    The following image diagrams the elements of the RadialMenu control.


    The elements of the RadialMenu control can be described as follows:

    RadialMenuItem Elements

    There are a few properties that are used to draw the geometrical paths in the C1RadialMenuItem default control template. By default, these properties are set by the C1RadialPanel class, but you can use them to create custom control templates by setting them explicitly in the RadialPanel.