Componentone Toolbar for WPF and Silverlight
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In This Topic
    C1ToolbarSplitButton Class
    In This Topic
    C1ToolbarSplitButton control represents a drop-down split button on the C1ToobarStrip.
    Object Model
    C1ToolbarSplitButton Class
    Public Class C1ToolbarSplitButton 
       Inherits C1ToolbarDropDown
    public class C1ToolbarSplitButton : C1ToolbarDropDown 
    It's similar to C1ToolbarDropDown but contains two clickable areas. When clicking on rightmost part with downward-pointing rectangle it displays popup panel with Content property or context menu set by Menu property. Clicking on left part of button fires Click event as in the standard button. Usually the Click event is used to perform default or last action while popup allows to select alternative options. Split button with popup menu.
    Split button with popup menu.
    <c1:C1ToolbarSplitButton Padding="2" Header="Defaut"
          <c1:C1MenuItem Header="Heading 1" FontSize="14" />
          <c1:C1MenuItem Header="Heading 2" FontSize="12" />
          <c1:C1MenuItem Header="Title" FontWeight="Bold" />
          <c1:C1MenuItem Header="Subtitle" FontWeight="SemiBold" FontStyle="Italic"  />
          <c1:C1MenuItem Header="Quote" FontStyle="Italic" />
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