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    In This Topic

    Tables are essential to depict large amounts of data in an organized way. GcExcel supports using Excel tables in template layouts where various operations can also be performed on it like filtering, sorting etc.

    This template example lists E-Commerce sales for different areas grouped as a list. The template cells are defined within the table layout. You can also download the Excel template layout from here.

    Table template

    After GcExcel processes the template layout, the Excel report will look like below:

    Table template output

    An Excel table can be incorporated in a template layout in two ways:

    1. Template cells inside an Excel table: You can insert a table in Excel's template layout and define template cells inside it, as shown in above screenshot. The table is resized according to the expanded data after processing the template in GcExcel. 
    2. Excel table inside a template cellí»s range: You can define a template cell with Range property and insert a table anywhere within that range. The table is copied according to the expansion data after processing the template in GcExcel.
    Note: Table formulas are also supported in template cells.