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GrapeCity.Documents.Pdf Assembly / GrapeCity.Documents.Pdf.Security Namespace / StandardSecurityHandler Class / UserPassword Property

In This Topic
    UserPassword Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets the password required to open a PDF document as a string.

    The two properties UserPassword and UserPasswordBytes allow to define the password as a string or as an array of bytes.

    According to the PDF specification, a string password should be converted to an array of bytes using the system code page (if the standard security handler with revision 4 or less is used). In some environments the system code page is unavailable, so GcPdf cannot perform this conversion. If the password string only contains ASCII chars, this does not present a problem. But if the password string contains non-ASCII Unicode characters, it is up to the developer to perform the conversion and set the password using UserPasswordBytes.
    Public Property UserPassword As System.String
    public System.string UserPassword {get; set;}
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