Samples in this group demonstrate miscellaneous features of GcPdfViewer:

Below is some additional info on the features in this group, with helpful links to online docs (links will open in new window):

  • Reply Tool

    The JavaScript GcDocs PDF Viewer provides users with the ability to add text annotations and replies to them in PDF documents on the web. The Reply tool can be used to add replies to text annotations in the comments panel, add sticky notes to the document, view all comments in comments panel, edit or delete comments and assign their review status.

    Reply Tool topics in the docs:

  • Form Filler

    GcPdfViewer enhances your PDF form filling experience by allowing you to:

    • Fill PDF forms conveniently on small devices due to its responsive web design.
    • Add input validations to custom form input types like min and max length, required field, pattern, provide custom validation messages etc.
    • Add placeholder text.
    • Customise UI Appearance of custom form input types.
    • Add custom content to define any terminology, definition etc.
    While filling PDF forms, you can use either of the following methods:
    • Fill within the regular GcPdfViewer window.
    • Fill using the Form filler dialog (the dialog can also add validations and other features).

    The PDF form field values, when filled in Form Filler dialog are reflected in the underlying PDF form. You can also save the filled form on client by using SupportApi. Use FormFillerSettings and FormFieldMapping settings to control the appearance, behavior and validation settings for the input field inside the Form Filler dialog.

  • Document List

    GcDocs PDF Viewer supports Document List Panel, which can be filled with a customized list of PDF documents that you can open by selecting from the list. The list of available documents is specified by the documentListUrl viewer option.