ActiveReports 12 Server SP1 Released!

Posted by: bhupeshm on 4 April 2018, 10:29 am EST

  • Posted 4 April 2018, 10:29 am EST

    I am excited to announce that we have released the ActiveReports 12 Server SP1 today. This service pack includes enhancements ranging from administrator controlled preview page limits, and report cancellation by users in the Server Core. The web designer also got new capabilities including new controls (namely FormattedText and Barcode), data visualizers, chart enhancements, enhanced intuitiveness in Semantic Data Models, and more.

    You can read all about the new features in the What’s New page here: ActiveReports Server - What's New | ActiveReports

    As with all service packs, this release also includes resolutions to customer reported cases. Below is a list of these cases.

    This is a free update for existing ActiveReports 12 Server customers.

    ActiveReports 12 Server SP1 download: Wyn Evaluation Options | Wyn-Enterprise

    • "Case 253518: DateTime picker caused crashes in HTML5 Viewer when using Edge browser "

    • Case 246443: Memory Leak in agent service”

    • Case 246934: Model Editor still uses AdminContext when ModelEditor.UseUserContext is set to True”

    • Case 252247: Hidden report layers show after user sort in HTML5 Viewer”

    • Case 248962: Switch the tab order for Available and Default value properties in Parameters”

    • Case 242348: Part of the Data Model Entity Relations are hidden in the HTML5 web designer”

    • Case 244638: Parameter values are not sorted if dataset is bound to Table data region”

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