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WjTooltip Class

Angular 2 directive for the Tooltip class.

Use the wjTooltip directive to add tooltips to elements on the page. The wjTooltip directive supports HTML content, smart positioning, and touch.

The wjTooltip directive is specified as an attribute added to the element that the tooltip applies to. The parameter value is the tooltip text or the id of an element that contains the text.

You can also specify the following additional properties for the tooltip:

  • wjTooltipPosition - represents the Tooltip.position property. For example:
    <p [wjTooltip]="'Just a string'">
      Paragraph with a string tooltip.
    <p [wjTooltip]="'#fineprint'" [wjTooltipPosition]="'Left'">
      Paragraph with a tooltip defined as an element.
    <div id="fineprint" style="display:none">
    <h3>Important Note</h3>
      Data for the current quarter is estimated
      by pro-rating etc.</p>


  • WjTooltip





initialized: EventEmitter<any>

This event is triggered after the component has been initialized by Angular, that is all bound properties have been assigned and child components (if any) have been initialized.


isInitialized: boolean

Indicates whether the component has been initialized by Angular. Changes its value from false to true right before triggering the initialized event.



  • created(): void
  • If you create a custom component inherited from a Wijmo component, you can override this method and perform necessary initializations that you usually do in a class constructor. This method is called in the last line of a Wijmo component constructor and allows you to not declare your custom component's constructor at all, thus preventing you from a necessity to maintain constructor parameters and keep them in synch with Wijmo component's constructor parameters.

    Returns void