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    Marker ValueImages
    In This Topic

    C1GaugeMarks and C1GaugeSingleMark have the CustomImage property that associates a custom image with the tick marks. Also, it’s possible to associate several images with the tick marks. The ValueImages property of C1GaugeMarks and C1GaugeSingleMark specifies the collection of values and their associated images. If the value of the tick mark is more or equal to C1GaugeValueImage.Value the image from C1GaugeValueImage.CustomImage appears on the tick mark. The C1GaugeValueImage.PointerIndex property allows binding the image to a gauge pointer.

    If there are a few tick marks with the same set of images you can use the C1GaugeBase.ImageMaps property to create a common template (CommonImageMap) for the ValueImages collection. After that, you can assign the template name to the ImageMapName property of C1GaugeMarks or C1GaugeSingleMark. Then, the common template will be used instead of the decorator’s ValueImages property.

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