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    InputPanel Overview
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    InputPanel for WinForms is the new paradigm to create and maintain data forms. It is a container control that can be placed on a Windows Form to help you create powerful data input applications. You can either choose from any combination of the native data input controls or any third party .NET control. With the help of features such as automatic binding, layout, and styling, the control is automatically populated with components used to view and edit the data in the data source, including keyboard accelerators.

    An image showing inputpanel in winforms application, displaying the details of employees in an organization.

    InputPanel provides a keyboard accelerator designer used automatically to add or fix duplicate key accelerators. Make changes to your form without worrying about restructuring the entire form with automatic alignment and tab order. All of the native input components share a common set of styles, properties, methods, and events which makes the programming task a lot easier and consistent. This simple setup paired with low maintenance yields helps in increasing productivity.

    Note: ComponentOne InputPanel control is compatible with both .NET 4.5.2 and .NET 5.
    API References
    C1.Win.C1InputPanel.4.5.2 Assembly C1.Win.C1InputPanel.5 Assembly
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