ComponentOne Chart for WPF and Silverlight
C1.WPF.C1Chart Namespace / ChartType Enumeration

In This Topic
    ChartType Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the chart type.
    Public Enum ChartType 
       Inherits System.Enum
    Dim instance As ChartType
    public enum ChartType : System.Enum 
    AreaDefault area chart.
    Area3D3D area chart.
    Area3DSmoothed3D smoothed area chart.
    Area3DStacked3D stacked area chart.
    Area3DStacked100pc3D 100% stacked area chart.
    AreaSmoothedSmoothed area chart.
    AreaStackedStacked area chart.
    AreaStacked100pc100% stacked area chart.
    BarDefault bar chart.
    Bar3D3D bar chart.
    Bar3DStacked3D stacked bar chart.
    Bar3DStacked100pc3D 100% stacked bar chart.
    BarStackedStacked bar chart.
    BarStacked100pc100% stacked bar chart.
    BubbleBubble chart. To specify control size of symbols use BubbleSeries and set its SizeValues or SizeValuesource property.
    CandleCandle financial chart. Use HighLowOpenCloseSeries to specify data for the chart.
    ColumnDefault column chart.
    Column3D3D column chart.
    Column3DStacked3D stacked column chart.
    Column3DStacked100pc3D 100% stacked column chart.
    ColumnStackedStacked column chart.
    ColumnStacked100pc100% stacked column chart.
    GanttGantt chart. Use HighLowSeries to specify data for the chart.
    HighLowOpenCloseHigh-low-open-close financial chart. Use HighLowOpenCloseSeries to specify data for the chart.
    LineDefault line chart.
    LineSmoothedSmoothed line chart.
    LineStackedStacked line chart.
    LineStacked100pc100% stacked line chart.
    LineSymbolsLine chart with symbols.
    LineSymbolsSmoothedSmoothed line chart with symbols.
    LineSymbolsStackedStacked line chart with symbols.
    LineSymbolsStacked100pc100% stacked line chart with symbols.
    PieDefault pie chart.
    Pie3D3D pie chart.
    Pie3DDoughnut3D Doughnut pie chart.
    Pie3DExploded3D Exploded pie chart.
    Pie3DExplodedDoughnut3D Exploded doughnut pie chart.
    PieDoughnutDoughnut pie chart.
    PieExplodedExploded pie chart.
    PieExplodedDoughnutExploded doughnut pie chart.
    PieStackedStacked pie chart.
    PolarLinesPolar line chart.
    PolarLinesSymbolsPolar line chart with symbols.
    PolarSymbolsPolar symbol chart.
    PolygonPolygon chart.
    PolygonFilledFilled polygon chart.
    RadarDefault radar chart.
    RadarFilledFilled(area) radar chart.
    RadarSymbolsRadar chart with symbols.
    Ribbon3D ribbon chart.
    StepStep chart.
    StepAreaStep area chart.
    StepAreaStackedStep area stacked chart.
    StepSymbolsStep chart with symbols.
    XYPlotScatter(point) plot in Cartesian coordinates.
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