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    Quote Prefix
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    The Quote Prefix feature in SpreadJS works in a similar way as Excel does. You can use a single quote to store a string value without parsing. When a user inputs value in a cell with quote prefix ' (single quote), the input value will be converted and stored as a string.

    Shared below is an illustration of the quote prefix feature in SpreadJS. The image on the left shows the cell B3 in edit mode and the image on the right shows the same cell in display mode.


    Quote prefix feature in SpreadJS

    You can still display a single quote in text by typing the single quote twice.

    The image on the right displays the result of typing two single quotes when the cell is no longer in the edit mode.


    Display a single quote in text

    While working with the Quote Prefix in SpreadJS, you can also perform the copy and paste operations on cells, execute the drag fill and drag and move operations in a spreadsheet.

    Note: Formatter will not take any effect when you use quote prefix in cells. Also, the Quote Prefix feature in SpreadJS doesn't provide support for copy from Excel and copy to Excel operations.