Clipboard Support

The FlexGrid has built-in clipboard support.

By default, pressing the ctrl+c or ctrl+Insert keys copies the current selection to the clipboard. Pressing ctrl+v or shift-Insert pastes the clipboard content into the grid. You can customize the clipboard actions using the copying, copied, pasting, pasted, pastingCell, and pastedCell events.

You can disable the automatic clipboard support by setting the autoClipboard property to false.

The FlexGrid implements an Excel-style 'smart pasting' feature that replicates the clipboard data when pasting. For example, if you select a single cell and press ctrl+c to copy it to the clipboard, then extend the selection and press ctrl+v to paste, the cell will be pasted over the entire selection.

Use the copyHeaders property to control whether the grid should include header cells when copying the content to the clipboard. This is especially useful in read-only grids.