100+ Dynamic JavaScript UI Components for Enterprise Apps

Cut development time in half. Build lightweight, high-performance HTML/JavaScript UI applications fast

  • FlexGrid offers virtualized rendering and limitless cell templates
  • Deep integration with all JavaScript frameworks, including Angular, React, Vue, Ionic, and Web Components
  • Visualize data with 80+ chart types
  • Analyze data with OLAP PivotGrid, PivotChart, and Slicer​

Download Samples with Source Code (v 5.20203.766)

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  • JavaScript UI Components

    Wijmo JavaScript UI components will never bloat your web apps! Built for top performance, our components aren't just dependency-free, they are also built to be small, extensible, and fast.

  • Security Compliant

    Wijmo is fully CSP-compliant. Content Security Policy (CSP) allows developers to detect and mitigate certain types of attacks, including Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and data injection attacks.

  • Flexible, Extensible API

    Our easy-to-read, flexible API has a low learning curve, and components have a simple core with as many extensibility points as possible.

  • Familiar, Accessible, Touch-First UI

    Charts, datagrids, and other components are designed to be mobile-first and adhere to ARIA standards, with familiar features and UI, including Excel-like filtering, sorting, and merging.

  • First-Class Framework Support

    Built to be framework-agnostic, Wijmo JavaScript UI includes full support for Angular, AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue.js, Vue 3 Support, and Knockout, with the same components across frameworks.

  • Components Written in TypeScript

    With TypeScript, you'll get an object-oriented C# feel, design-time error checking, complete IntelliSense in Visual Studio, and the components are written to the ECMAScript 6 standard.

Wijmo's JavaScript/HTML5 UI Components


The best JavaScript UI datagrid includes built-in sorting, formatting, pagination, and flexible data binding.


Includes 50+ chart types, dozens of chart elements, interactions, and customizations.


Includes autocomplete, colorpicker, date/time, masks, menus, multiselects, and more.


Process and aggregate thousands of rows in milliseconds with no server-side dependencies. Not available in Wijmo Core.


Instantly create stunning, advanced stock trending visualizations with this powerful financial chart component. Not available in Wijmo Core.


View reports in your web apps with this lightweight report viewer.

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Configure JavaScript UI Components Code-Free with the Wijmo Designers

Web-Based Wijmo Designer

Web-Based Wijmo Designer

Experiment with Wijmo JavaScript UI components in an easy web designer. Select from 20+ components you'd like to configure and explore all the built-in options available—and then export the code to use in your Wijmo app! Components include Wijmo's datagrid, a variety of JavaScript UI charts, calendar, gauges, input components, and treeview.

VSCode Designer

VSCode Designer Extension

This VSCode extension enables Angular developers to configure 20+ Wijmo components in the designer and automatically update HTML source files. Built specifically for Angular apps, you'll get a visual representation of your markup tags in an easy-to-use designer. Components include Wijmo's datagrid, a variety of JavaScript charts, calendar, gauges, input components, and treeview.

What's New

What's New

Date Picker Accessibility - The new InputDateRange control extends InputDate to allow easy editing of date ranges.

FlexGrid Touch Sort - In the latest release, the grid detects whether the click is a touch event and applies a three-state cycle to the sort. We feel this is an important detail that significantly improves our support for touch devices.

FlexGrid cellTemplate Improvements - Now cell templates can also be used to render row header cells.

RowDetail supports MultiRow - You can now have data items that span multiple rows and can be expanded to show row details.

CollectionView Change Tracking Improevment -The CollectionView class has a trackChanges property that provides lists of items that have been edited, added, or removed from the collection. In the latest version, if you apply another edit that restores the original item value, the item is automatically removed from the itemsEdited list. This means a little less work on the server.

Improved TypeScript Support - We reviewed and expanded the type of information in all Wijmo modules to support TypeScript's "strict" mode.

What's New

10 Years of Wijmo, from jQuery Widgets to TypeScript Controls

In 2010, we released our first version of Wijmo. At the time, it built on top of the jQuery UI Widget Factory. We had a considerable collection of jQuery Widgets that added much-needed UI options for jQuery developers. We extended those same widgets to jQuery Mobile when it released too! We had created a very robust set of mobile-friendly jQuery Widgets.

In 2014, we saw a change coming in the JavaScript ecosystem. We noticed developers needing more than just jQuery. Front-end frameworks like Angular were becoming popular platforms for developers to build on. TypeScript was catching on as a more type-safe way to develop enterprise-grade JS applications.

Our response was to completely rebuild Wijmo in TypeScript and model it more closely to components we developed in C#. We built the modern version of Wijmo to be fast, touch-first, and with full support for Angular. Wijmo has evolved over ten years to become the best library of JavaScript UI components in the market.

Most recently, we've added support for the Angular Ivy Compiler and React Redux. All through the ten years of wijmo, we have been driving our roadmap based on customer needs. We are grateful to our amazing customers that support our product and work with us to improve it with each release.

Wijmo 3

These legacy jQuery components are currently in maintenance mode. Read more about Wijmo 3.

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Award-Winning Wijmo JavaScript UI Components

Wijmo Core, Top 50 Product, ComponentSource

Wijmo Core
Top 50 Product
2020 ComponentSource

Wijmo Enterprise, Top 50 Product, ComponentSource

Wijmo Enterprise
Top 50 Product
2020 ComponentSource

Wijmo, Top 50 Product, ComponentSource

Top 50 Product
2019 ComponentSource

GrapeCity, 2 Publisher, ComponentSource

#2 Publisher
2018 ComponentSource

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