• 64-bit platform support

    Create a better application experience with 64-bit platform's larger available memory allocation. You can process larger data sets into charts and grids more efficiently by calling on a larger cache of data in memory. VSFlexGrid, VSView Reporting, Query, and Chart are all available with 64-bit support

  • Robust, flexible data grids

    Provide a stable base for quickly-built database applications! One VSFlexGrid control does the work of multiple controls, and True DBGrid control's advanced data access, data presentation, and UI features help you fully customize your grid experience

  • Flexible ActiveX chart controls

    Create sophisticated charts and graphs with fast, real-time tracking and flexible data binding, and serve your charts as JPEG or PNG images.

  • Easy, fast ActiveX reporting

    Our VSView 8.0 Reporting control is flexible and easy to implement

  • Visual Studio 2017 and Windows 10 Support

    With controls designed for the VS ecosystem, you can take advantage of all available ActiveX control properties in Visual Studio 2017 with VC++ project types

  • Visual Basic and Visual C++ support

    Includes full support for Visual Basic and Visual C++ 6.0, along with migration utilities for updating to 8.0


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