ASP.NET MVC UI Controls for Web Apps

Build modern, touch-first web and mobile apps with essential UI controls for ASP.NET MVC.

  • Get the best responsive datagrid enhanced for mobile browsers
  • Build customizable dashboards with layout components and 100+ chart types
  • Super easy to use with project templates and scaffolders
  • Extensive API and deep, built-in customization options
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ASP.NET MVC UI controls are reusable design elements that help developers implement a wide variety of features in their web applications in less time. ComponentOne provides a complete set of high-performing, flexible ASP.NET MVC controls including datagrids, charts, input, and more.

Why Choose ComponentOne for Your ASP.NET MVC Applications

Mobile-Friendly ASP.NET MVC Datagrid

Designed for desktop and mobile browsers, FlexGrid supports touch input for filtering, sorting, and editing data.

Kickstart Your Projects with Scaffolders and Project Templates

Built-in scaffolders support code-free views, project templates for model binding, and AJAX binding. Spreadsheets speed up project creation.

Build Diverse Dashboards With 100+ Chart Types

With FinancialChart, FlexChart, gauges, and Dashboard Layout, you'll create stunning dashboards and web apps in less time.

Embed Data Analytics in Your Apps

Empower users by providing powerful data analysis features with OLAP PivotGrid, PivotChart, and Slicer components.

Responsive Web Reports

Create powerful reports that look good on all device browsers using FlexReport and FlexViewer.

Powerful Server-Side Web APIs

Extend your web apps with a server-side Web API to create scalable, testable web apps and aggregate big data with Studio Enterprise.

Build Compliant Web Apps With Built-In Accessibility

Our controls offer built-in support for ARIA 1.1 standards, including FlexGrid, TreeView, Gauge, Listbox, Combobox, and Menu.

Manageable Distribution With NuGet Packages

Package management is effortless with ComponentOne NuGet packages on or installed locally.

Popular ASP.NET MVC Demos

ASP.NET MVC Demo Explorer

Explore every ASP.NET MVC demo. Get quick lessons on our top controls and discover sample ASP.NET MVC apps to get you started.

BI Dashboards

Build business intelligence dashboards with the Dashboard Layout control. Embed controls like FlexGrid and FlexChart with built-in layouts. Users can resize and move controls with ease.

FlexGrid Showcase

Designed specifically for mobile-first applications, FlexGrid's built-in features include JSON data binding, Excel-like selection, editing, sorting, grouping, filtering, and advanced cell formatting.

FlexReport and FlexViewer Explorer

Create powerful .NET reports code-free in our standalone FlexReport Designer and display them in FlexViewer Mobile, a responsive ASP.NET MVC report viewer for small screens.

Flight Statistics Dashboard

Experience this responsive dashboard demo that showcases several ComponentOne controls. Drill into information by clicking a chart node. Add custom icons, sparklines, and conditional formatting.

Learn MVC

Try the LearnMVC Client to shorten your ASP.NET MVC learning curve. Experiment with the ASP.NET MVC controls and learn MVC while you work!

ASP.NET MVC Project Templates and Wizards

Kickstart your projects with scaffolders, designers, and ASP.NET MVC project templates.

Project Templates

Quickly get started by designing an ASP.NET MVC Web Application preconfigured with ComponentOne controls. Choose from one of the following starting points:

  • AJAX or Model binding
  • FlexSheet and FlexGrid pages
  • Razor Pages


Save time with scaffolding. Our control wizards allow you to effortlessly configure controls and generate code that can interact with data models. We provide scaffolding for select controls, including:

  • FlexGrid, FlexSheet, and MultiRow Datagrid
  • FlexChart, FlexPie, FlexRadar, and Sunburst charts
  • Input and Razor Pages

Easy Licensing and Distribution

Manage your licenses through your GrapeCity account.

Licensing FAQ

ComponentOne is licensed per developer. Once you purchase a license, you can build and publish your .NET applications using ComponentOne controls. Licensing is perpetual and royalty-free.

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Become an OEM Partner

To create your own commercially licensed SDK or web application builder, choose the Commercial OEM license. Commercial OEM and SaaS licenses are customized per customer. 

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End-User Licensing Agreement

Our End-User License Agreement (EULA) includes information on ComponentOne's licensing, legal agreement, and the terms and conditions that govern software usage. 

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ComponentOne Customer Feedback and Awards

"Prompt responses, quality feedback, and help with code examples. Fantastic service!"


"Excellent product with good support"


"I am very appreciative of the effort your entire team gave to make this transaction happen. Thank you for your efforts!"


ComponentSource #2 Publisher 2022 Award ComponentSource #3 Product 2022 Award

"When I run into complex problems, I turn to my ComponentOne Studio Enterprise toolbox."


"I love to use C1 components! I can be confident that if I need to do a particular task, ComponentOne will have the control to do the job."


"As an ISV, I need tools that allow me to be competitive. Therefore, it's a must to use reliable and stable tools for customized solutions...ComponentOne provides all that to me and even more!"


"Easier to use right off the bat. I liked using the Scheduler for drag-and-drop capability."