Deliver Powerful Reports With Our Intuitive and User-Friendly Report Designers and Controls

GrapeCity's ActiveReports reporting solutions provide a familiar and flexible developer reporting tool and experience.

Customize reporting and styling to your needs, Create interactive reports with our .NET and JavaScript report designers that include drag and drop support.

Deliver reusable reports directly to your end users. They can use our interactive report viewers, export, or print directly on the client.


ActiveReports is a premium enterprise-level .NET reporting solution for web and desktop applications.

Deliver rich interactive reports with our feature-packed reporting solution for all platforms.

  • Build reports that utilize cross-platform reporting with .NET Core
  • Create interactive end-user report designers for web and desktop applications
  • Customize unique report types to fit your .NET reporting needs on the platform of your choice

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ActiveReportsJS is a reporting solution for visualizing data in web-based JavaScript applications.

Includes standalone multi-platform design application with a rich set of controls.

  • Use with the report viewer component with support integrations for React, Angular, and Vue
  • Customize and display report output using the report viewer interface
  • Choose the option that suits your needs with the flexible licensing model

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