The Leading Svelte Reporting Components for Visualizing Data in Web Applications

ActiveReportsJS is a powerful Svelte reporting tool that allows developers and report authors to easily design and display reports within their applications. With a wide range of features, such as drill-down, runtime data filtering, and parameter-driven reports, ActiveReportsJS simplifies the process of creating and managing reports.

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  • Create and view reports using the Svelte Report Viewer and Designer components
  • Integrate JSON report templates into your Svelte application as static assets or modules
  • Enable reporting on the client without server-side dependencies


A Svelte reporting tool is a set of Svelte components used for data consolidation and visualization. ActiveReportsJS is a solution used by Svelte developers to embed reporting within web applications. Major features such as the report designer and viewer components, powerful data visualizers, and the rich API make ActiveReportsJS an industry leader in Svelte reporting tools.

Simplify Development

Use Svelte Report Viewer and Designer components supplied with TypeScript declarations to easily bring report capabilities into your Svelte application.

Multiple Report Types

Fulfill your requirements for a reporting solution by building printable, analytical, interactive, or fixed-layout reports.

Zero Server Dependencies

Forget about back-end dependencies and focus on the reporting functionality of your client-side application.

Client-Side Exporting and Printing

Allow your end-users to quickly print or export report output to PDF, Tabular Data, or HTML formats providing the document settings.

Any Framework

JavaScript Reporting Engine

Leverage the powerful JavaScript reporting engine in your application to run, export, and print reports on any device.

Design Interactive Reports

Provide report readers with comprehensive data visualizations including drill-down, drill-through, runtime sorting, and other interactive capabilities.

Standalone Report Designer

Standalone Report Designer

Use the cross-platform report designer app to create printable, analytical, or interactive pixel-perfect report templates bound to REST, OData, GraphQL API, or custom data sources.

Tabular Reports

Tabular Reports

Build inventory lists, product catalogs, and other Tabular Reports organized in a multicolumn, multirow fashion and apply conditional formatting, grouping, sorting, and filtering to the data based on pre-defined conditions or user input.

Banded Reports

Banded Reports

Build product catalogs, employee directories, and other list-like data views with Banded Reports organized with multiple types of sections that display data in a free-form layout fashion.

 Fixed Reports

Fixed Reports

Build purchase orders, quotes, parking tickets, and other pre-printed forms with unparalleled accuracy using the unique Fixed Layout Reports. The output of such a report is a completed form that you can view in a browser, print, or export to one of the supported formats and share the export output with interested parties.

Summary Reports

Summary Reports

Build summary reports that reduce a complete, often large, set of raw data into smaller views that help yield useful information. Group, sort, and filter the data based on pre-defined conditions or user input with pivot tables or charts.

Drill-down Reports

Drill-down Reports

Build interactive analytical reports that allow a reader to switch between a comprehensive data view and a more detailed one.

Drill-through Reports

Drill-through Reports

Build interactive reports that allow a reader to navigate back and forth between the main report and a sequence of subreports by clicking parametrized links.

Serverless Reporting

Serverless Reporting

Integrate ActiveReportsJS reporting tool into your front-end applications using NPM packages, CDN-hosted, or app-hosted JavaScript code with ZERO server-side dependencies.

Embeddable Components

Embeddable Components

Allow end-users of your app to preview a report output and modify it on the fly by integrating Viewer and Designer components.

Create Reports Programmatically

Create Reports Programmatically

Build custom report designers using the API supplied with TypeScript declarations.

JavaScript Reporting Top Features

Cross-Platform Tools

Build interactive, customizable reports with a cross-platform standalone designer application.

Powerful Data Binding

Bind a report to the REST API, OData, or GraphQL end-point in no time with the advanced data binding capabilities.

Flexible Report Layouts

Choose among two layout types and dozens of controls to create a pixel-perfect report.

Personalized Reporting

Make use of the Vue Report Designer component to let users fine-tune reports.

Perfect View

Give end-users of your application the ultimate view, export, and print capabilities with the Vue Viewer component.

Out-of-the-box Svelte Support

Install the ActiveReportsJS Svelte NPM package to easily integrate the Report Viewer and Designer components supplied with TypeScript declarations.

Standalone Report Designer

Build interactive, customizable report templates with a cross-platform report designer application.

Standalone Report Designer

Install on your OS

The standalone report designer can be installed on Windows, Mac, or Desktop Linux.

User-friendly Interface

Create printable, analytical, or interactive reports using the intuitive interface and a rich set of data visualization components.

JSON Report Templates

Save report templates in JSON format and integrate them into your application as static resources or dynamic modules.

Embeddable Svelte Report Viewer

Give end-users of your application the ultimate view, export, and print capabilities with the Viewer component.

Embeddable JavaScript Report Viewer

Adaptive UI

Built-in mobile, desktop, and full-screen modes ensure a smooth user experience on any screen size.

Rich Customization

Insert new or modify existing buttons in the toolbar and configure the export sidebar using the API. Use one of the pre-defined color themes or create custom ones.

Multilingual Support

Provide your users with the translated texts for the viewer UI elements such as tooltips and buttons.

Embeddable Svelte Report Designer

Make use of the Report Designer component to let users fine-tune reports.

Embeddable JavaScript Report Designer

Flexible Integration

Use the API to define the application-specific functions for creating, saving, opening, and previewing your reports.

Rich Customization

Change the color scheme using one of the pre-defined themes or create your own theme.

Multilingual Support

Provide your users with the translated texts for the viewer UI elements such as tooltips and buttons.

What's New in ActiveReportsJS v4.1

Pageless Reports
ActiveReportsJS introduces Pageless Reports, a layout type that replaces traditional page-by-page reports. This feature enables seamless data exploration without separate tabs and utilizes scrollable containers for a flexible and user-friendly experience.

Custom Code Functions
We now support custom functions in report expressions for enhanced design capabilities. Simplify complex calculations, promote code reuse, and enable advanced formatting. Achieve efficient, elegant reporting with dynamic styling and intricate computations. 

Four New Plot Types
We added four new plot types to our data visualization toolbox! Improve your reporting with Range Column, Range Bar, Range Area and Gauge plots.



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