WPF UI controls are reusable design elements that help developers implement a wide variety of features in their desktop applications in less time. ComponentOne provides a complete set of high-performing, flexible WPF controls including datagrids, charts, input and more.

  • Fast and Powerful WPF DataGrid

    Load and display large data sets quicker than any other .NET datagrid with FlexGrid, our super flexible grid control, and DataCollection, our powerful databinding component.

  • Flexible UI Controls for Complete WPF Apps

    Reduce developer overhead with extensive built-in feature sets, including flexible data binding.

  • Over 80 Fast and Extensible Charts

    FlexChart includes 80+ chart types and a universal, easy-to-use API.

  • Touch Support for WPF Apps

    Controls are touch-enabled and support in-app drag-and-drop

  • Easy API and MVVM Support

    Develop with ease thanks to our easy to use API and XAML. Fully declare controls in XAML, following MVVM best-practices, or write code completely in C#.

  • Full Visual Studio and Windows 10 Support

    Seamless Visual Studio 2019 integration and designed for the VS ecosystem. Support for Windows 10.

Get the WPF Demo Explorer

Get the WPF Demos

FlexChart Explorer includes hundreds of WPF charts and interactions

All of our WPF demos are included in a single downloadable desktop explorer. Demos include:

  • WPF Control Explorer
  • WPF Charts, Reports, and Financial Chart Explorers
  • Sales Dashboard App
  • Weather Chart
  • Currency Comparison
  • Stock Chart

Download Demo Explorer

What's New

What's New

  • FlexGrid Enhancements:
    • New column menu allows end-users to perform column-based actions at runtime like sorting, grouping, filtering and auto-sizing.
    • New Cell Styles API makes styling the FlexGrid easier than ever before.
    • Excel export extended to .NET 5 applications.
  • DataFilter now supports conditional filtering that lets you build more precise filters such as "Greater Than" and "Starts With" for various data types and build complex filters using AND/OR logic.
  • Our classic PrintDocument component is now available for WPF .NET Framework for generating powerful, databound documents in code.
  • .NET 5 support expanded to include more controls such as PropertyGrid and ProgressBar.

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