DockControl: Multi-tabbed Custom Workspaces in WPF apps

  • Deliver customizable workspaces in WPF
  • Upgrade your static interface to a multi-tabbed docking interface with ComponentOne DockControl™ for WPF
  • Inspired by the docking system in Microsoft Visual Studio®, DockControl delivers customizable workspaces to your users, complete with resizing, persisting, and auto-hiding capabilities
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Dock Tabs by Docking Diamond UI

Dock indicators appear when you drag tabs over dock zones, signaling the ability to dock. By default, the DockControl uses a docking diamond UI, which Microsoft Visual Studio made popular.

Float Tabs Inside and Outside Your App

The WPF version of DockControl shows floating tabs in separate window frames. Floating tabs can be dragged outside the parent window and docked by dragging the control's header back inside. Floating tabs can also be dragged across multiple monitors. You can even dock a floating tab into another floating tab!

Sliding (Auto-hide) Tabs

See more of your UI at one time with sliding, using the pushpin button. Tabs slide in and out, mimicking the auto-hide behavior seen in Visual Studio. With sliding, users can minimize not-in-use tabs along the edges of the window.

Show Single Tabs

By setting one property, ShowSingleTabs, DockTabControl will hide the tab header when only one tab exists. This saves on-screen real estate and makes your app look more polished.

Save and Load Layouts

By writing only a little bit of code, you can preserve DockControl layouts between runs of your application. This enables your users to customize the tab layout to their liking to improve productivity.

Restrict Docking Programmatically

For complete flexibility and to restrict behavior, you can control the docking state of any docking window programmatically through the rich, programmatic API.

Customize the Docking Appearance

Customize the inner and outer docking picker parts' appearance to find the docking style you need.

12+ Professional Themes

Apply any of our professional themes to DockControl to instantly style your entire application. Choose among Office, Expression, Cosmopolitan (Metro), and many more.

Easily Change Colors with ClearStyle

If you need a look that's different from our themes, you can change control brushes without having to override control templates. You don't need to worry about overriding control templates because DockControl supports ComponentOne ClearStyle™ technology, which is baked into every control.