• Reuse Your Existing Code and Desktop Development Skills

    Blazor allows you to write rich web apps using C# code on both the server and client-side. ComponentOne Blazor controls have the same API and feature set as found on other platforms, so migration to the web is simple and straightforward.

  • Get the Best Performance Out of Blazor on the Server

    FlexGrid and the other controls for Blazor have been developed natively from the ground up, ensuring optimal performance on the platform.

  • Quickly Deliver Input Forms and Tabular Data Editing in Your Web Apps

    FlexGrid is a fast datagrid that enables typical data grid features such as tabular data editing, sorting, filtering, and grouping. Plus, get several input editors such as autocomplete, combobox, checkbox, data pager and listview.

  • Get More Than Just a Datagrid with FlexGrid

    FlexGrid continues to be the industry's fastest and most popular datagrid. Plus, FlexGrid takes your web grids to the next level with on-demand loading, custom cells, built-in editor controls, responsive column layout, selection, and export to CSV.

What's New

What's New

New Window and Tooltip Components - Display pop-up windows and tooltips in your Blazor Server and WebAssembly applications. C1Window supports dragging, resizing, full-screen, modal and modeless features. C1Tooltip supports custom HTML content and positioning.

New DateRangePicker Component - Select a date range across multiple months using this new input control.

New MaskedTextBox Component - Validate user input using a mask.

FlexGrid Column Resizing - resize columns at runtime in both Server and WebAssembly applications.

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