ListView Control for Blazor

Provide your users with a data-bound list of items for selection. The ComponentOne ListView control for Blazor supports data-binding, selection, item customization, and more!

  • Perform asynchronous data operations such as sorting, grouping & filtering on the server or client
  • Works great with large data sets thanks to on-demand loading and built-in paging
  • Enable single item and multiple item range selection
  • Customize list item templates using HTML & CSS
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Get a ListBox with Support for Essential Data Operations

  • Sorting - sort the listview asynchronously in either direction
  • Grouping - organize and display the selectable list of items under grouped headings
  • Filtering - enables asynchronous, full-text filtering on the listview from text input
  • Data Binding - bind the listview to any enumerable list of objects or use the C1CollectionView library

Display Large Lists with High Performing Virtual Mode

  • Handle large data sets efficiently with virtual mode, a virtualization technique that loads data in chunks or pages as the user scrolls
  • With paging, the data loading is handled like a virtual mode but with a numeric page UI. Pages are loaded in smaller chunks as the user navigates the list
  • Additionally, with support for on-demand loading, the listview can populate items as the user scrolls. With this technique, the scroll bar size and position changes as more data is loaded into view since the list does not know the total number of rows
  • The virtual mode, paging, and on-demand loading are supported in the C1ListView control with the help of the C1CollectionView library

Customize Your ListView with Templates and Item Range Selection

  • Customize the item template to display other elements within the list, such as images and checkboxes. The template for each list item can be customized to include any HTML or CSS
  • Enable single item or multiple item selection. The listview supports single and range selection modes

Enable Selection of Multiple Items

  • In addition to adjacent item selection, our Blazor ListView supports multiple, non-adjacent item selection using the mouse and keyboard
  • Display checkboxes to help visualize the selection using the ShowCheckBoxes property