Connect to Cloud Data Sources in .NET

Connect directly to a multitude of online services, including Salesforce, Google Analytics and Dynamics 365, and integrate data into your .NET applications with ComponentOne DataConnectors.



Fast Data Binding and Loading for Large Data Sets

Get a powerful data binding component that provides filtering, grouping, sorting and data virtualization for incrementally loading large data sets with ComponentOne DataCollection.


Analyze, Slice and Pivot Your Data

Take advantage of in-memory caching to deliver faster extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of large and complex data sets with ComponentOne DataEngine.



Deliver Excel-like Formula Calculation Anywhere in .NET

Parse and evaluate expressions like Microsoft Excel with support for common, built-in functions with ComponentOne CalcEngine.


Automate Text Extraction in .NET

Parse text and extract data from text and HTML files to increase productivity in your workflow with ComponentOne TextParser.



Extend Your Apps with a Server-Side Web API

Get and write data to your server-hosted native mobile and web apps with a wide array of APIs for document formats, imaging, reporting and cloud services with ComponentOne Web API.

See All You Can Do With Data Services

Create a .NET Salesforce OData Service

To avoid excess calls to Salesforce, or any online CRM, you may build an OData service to cache data periodically for your .NET applications. In this blog we build one in ASP.NET Core.

Extract Product Information from Amazon in .NET

Extract data from e-commerce websites like This blog demonstrates using the C1TextParser library to extract data in a structured format from Amazon product pages that can be used in your .NET apps.

Build a Leads to Opportunity Salesforce Report using .NET

This blog illustrates how to create a sales opportunity report from different lead sources in Salesforce using the .NET FlexReport Designer.

In-Memory Analytics with Salesforce Data and C1DataEngine

This blog demonstrates how to fetch data from Salesforce and apply Pivot transformations, such as aggregating values in one column, using C1DataConnectors and C1DataEngine.

Integrate Google Analytics Data into a Dashboard

This blog focuses on getting data from Google Analytics and creating a dashboard in .NET WinForms. It also covers basic features like authentication, caching, and querying.

Import Data from Salesforce to QuickBooks Online

There are a number of cases where users would need to import data from Salesforce to QuickBooks Online. This blog explores how to do so using C1DataConnectors and ADO.NET.

Pivot Transforms with C1DataEngine

Apply pivot transformations, such as grouping and aggregation, on large data sets. With optimization techniques like column-oriented and memory-mapped files, C1DataEngine offers fast data analysis over large data sets.

Create an Excel-like Formula Bar in .NET WinForms

Creating and evaluating expressions with C1CalcEngine is straight forward and familiar if you’ve ever used Excel. Here we show how to create a simple expression and use the Evaluate function to get the result.

Integrate QuickBooks Online Data using ADO. NET

This blog will help you understand how to use the ADO.NET C1DataConnector for QuickBooks Online to connect to the QuickBooks Online data and even explain the basic features, including authentication, querying, and caching.

Visualize Dynamics 365 Sales Data in a .NET Pivot Grid

The Dynamics 365 ADO.NET connector becomes very useful when used with an analytical UI control such as the ComponentOne OLAP/Pivot control. The UI control provides the analytical abilities for records from Dynamics. Let’s take a look at the sales module and visualize it in a dynamic WinForms pivot grid.

Convert an Excel File Stored in the Cloud to JSON

The ComponentOne Web API for Cloud allows users connect to different cloud storage services, such as Google and DropBox, with a single API and the Excel API can generate, split, merge, find/replace Excel files and convert the Excel file to various formats (e.g. CSV, JSON or XML).

Extract Text from HTML Emails Automatically

Emails tend to follow a predictable structure which makes it possible for predictable and automatic parsing. Through an email parser using C1TextParser individual pieces of information such as item details, vendor info, and costs can be extracted and recorded as fields which can then be recorded or analyzed.

Import Data from Salesforce to SQL Server

You may want to import data from Salesforce to SQL Server for an external application, reporting, or analysis. This blog will explore how to fetch data from Salesforce using C1DataConnectors and push the data to SQL Server.

Use Visitor WEB API for Targeted Marketing

Internet browsers are capable of collecting considerable amounts of data about a visitor. In the era of E-commerce, this information is useful for marketing products to a specific audience. The ComponentOne Web API includes Visitor API to retrieve browser-specific information for targeted marketing.

Integrate Dynamics 365 CRM with .NET Using Entity Framework Core

There are various cases when you need to access Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales data outside of the CRM in an external application. It might be for reporting purposes, an information dashboard, or integration with any data processing application. Here we access data using Entity Framework Core, and use LINQ to update a Dynamics 365 Sales entity.

Display Data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Blazor Applications

In this article, we will demonstrate the steps for creating an invoice report using data from Dynamics 365 Sales Invoice entity.

Query Data From Salesforce and Display in FlexGrid

This blog shows how ComponentOne DataConnectors and FlexGrid can be useful for businesses to consume data from Salesforce and perform actions that are not available out of the box in Salesforce, like sorting, grouping and caching.

Export Anything, Anywhere with Web API

Export graphs and charts to images. Import and export Excel files. Export PDF documents, barcodes and reports. Our Web API adds a flexible import/export tool to your MVC arsenal.

What's New

What's New

DataConnectors Enhancements:

  • Visual Studio Integration - DataConnectors is now integrated with Visual Studio so that you can connect to online data sources such as Salesforce, Dynamics365Sales, OData, Kintone through Server Explorer.
  • SQL Server Caching - For distributed applications, you can now choose SQLite or SQL Server as a caching database.
  • New JSON Connector - DataConnectors now includes an ADO.NET-based JSON DataConnector that lets you query flat & relational JSON data.

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