Extensible controls with easy-to-use universal API

Industry's best high-performance grids, charts, and reports

Small footprint reduces app bloat

Global support and community

What's Inside

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise .NET UI Controls

When you try ComponentOne Studio, you get the full Studio experience.

  • A complete version of every platform
    • WinForms
    • WPF
    • ActiveX
    • Blazor
    • UWP
    • ASP.NET Web Forms
    • Blazor
    • LightSwitch
    • Silverlight
  • Web API, FlexSheet, FinancialChart, XAP Optimizer, and IntelliSpell
  • Powerful data engines :FlexPivot and OLAP
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, Visual Studio 2015, and Visual Studio 2017
  • Full access to our product teams
  • Our extensive samples library (100s available!)
  • 30-day free trial, no questions asked
  • When buying your license, just enter your license number and go!

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