Extend web apps with server-side power

ComponentOne Studio Web API Edition puts control in your hands. Our powerful server-side API allows you to get and write data to your server-hosted native mobile and web apps.

Image service

Export charts and gauges to PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, and GIFF formats. Read more

Excel service

Export, import, generate, and merge Excel files. Read more

Barcode service

Generate scannable bar codes from text and save to an image format. Read more

Data engine services

Analyze data from multiple data sources, including SQL Server and structured files from file systems. Read more

PDF document service

Build RESTful HTTP services for viewing, loading and caching PDF documents. Read more

Report service

Build RESTful HTTP services for loading and caching FlexReports and SSRS reports. Read more

Cloud services

Perform CRUD operations over Azure, AWS, DropBox, Google Drive, and OneDrive services. Read more

Visitor service

Collect visitor data such as IP, location, language, referring site, operating system, and browser. It's useful to deliver custom content for individual users. Read more

Create services inside Visual Studio

Visual Studio Components Project Template

Quickly configure your Web API project with our Visual Studio ASP.NET 4.0 and ASP.NET Core project templates. They work for both hosted and self-hosted Web APIs.

Visual Studio Components Settings

With the project wizard, you can choose to include only those APIs you need for your app

Visual Studio Components NuGet

APIs are also available as NuGet packages through GrapeCity NuGet


Explore Web API

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Web API Explorer

Experience the API’s features and schemas, from generating an Excel document from XML to trying out the OLAP PivotPanel.

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Sales Analysis

This samples demonstrates how to control authorization in C1 Data Engines Services.

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Explore the full API for Web API.