Empower and Extend Your Apps With Server-Side Web APIs

ComponentOne Web API is a set of services that enable you to extend your app's functionality with server-side Web APIs quickly. Get and write data to your server-hosted native mobile and web apps with various APIs for document formats, imaging, reporting, and cloud services. ComponentOne Web API is included with Studio Enterprise and Data Services Edition.

  • Full support for ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core
  • Includes eight services including barcode, Excel, and PDF
  • APIs are available as Visual Studio templates
  • Compatible with Wijmo JavaScript
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.NET Web API components provide an interface that makes it easy to define interactions between multiple applications. ComponentOne provides a set of high-performing, .NET Web API components in the form of Visual Studio project templates including reporting, imaging, exporting, and more.

Why Choose ComponentOne Web API?

Extend Web Apps With Server-Side Power

Our powerful server-side .NET Web API allows you to get and write data to your server-hosted native mobile and web apps.

Save Time Creating Web APIs

Simply configure your Web API with our Visual Studio project templates and deploy to a web server. That's it!

Export Anything, Anywhere

Export any datagrid or visualization to the format of your choice. Export charts to images, datagrids to Excel, and more.

Effortlessly Create Services Inside Visual Studio

ComponentOne Web API Edition puts the control in your hands with out-of-the-box templates in Visual Studio. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Create Your Web API Project

Quickly create your Web API project with our Visual Studio ASP.NET 4.0 and ASP.NET Core project templates. They work for both hosted and self-hosted Web APIs.

Step 2: Configure Your Project

With the project wizard, you can choose to include only the services you need for your app.

Note: APIs are also available as NuGet packages through nuget.org.

Step 3: Host Your Web API

Deploy your Web API application to IIS or any server (or just run it if it's self-hosted) and that's it! Now you can consume the Web API from your client apps to export, import, upload, and much more.

Read Getting Started with ComponentOne Web API to learn more.

Explore All Web APIs

Image Service

Export charts and visualizations to PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, and GIFF formats.

Excel Service

Import, export, generate and merge Excel files from JSON, XML, and collections.

PDF Document Service

Build RESTful HTTP services for viewing, loading, and caching PDF documents.

Report Service

Create RESTful HTTP services for loading and caching FlexReports and SSRS reports.

DataEngine Service

Analyze data from multiple data sources, including SQL Server and structured files from file systems.

Cloud Service

Perform CRUD operations over Azure, AWS, DropBox, Google Drive, and OneDrive services.

Visitor Service

Collect visitor data such as IP, location, language, referring site, operating system, and browser. 

Barcode Service

Generate scannable barcodes on the fly from text and save them to an image format.

Web API Demos

ASP.NET Web API Explorer

Empower and extend your web apps with a server-side API.

View web demos and a public API to generate and merge Excel files, create barcodes, perform CRUD operation on cloud storage, manage website visitor information, and more.

Easy Licensing and Distribution

Manage your licenses through your GrapeCity account.

Licensing FAQ

ComponentOne is licensed per developer. Once you purchase a license, you can build and publish your .NET applications using ComponentOne controls. Licensing is perpetual and royalty-free.

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Become an OEM Partner

To create your own commercially licensed SDK or web application builder, choose the Commercial OEM license. Commercial OEM and SaaS licenses are customized per customer. 

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End-User Licensing Agreement

Our End-User License Agreement (EULA) includes information on ComponentOne's licensing, legal agreement, and the terms and conditions that govern software usage. 

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ComponentOne Customer Feedback and Awards

"Prompt responses, quality feedback, and help with code examples. Fantastic service!"


"Excellent product with good support"


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ComponentSource #2 Publisher 2022 Award ComponentSource #3 Product 2022 Award

"With GrapeCity WinForms components, along with their effective support, we were able to create and maintain our systems. Maximum customer satisfaction and extreme usability are our goals, and these tools have been our best partners."


"Using tools within the Microsoft ecosystem, ComponentOne Studio has extended charting capabilities with advanced features such as trend lines and scaling."


"I purchased ComponentOne FlexGrid and it saved my project. I took a gamble that I could effectively display the data using WinForms DataGrids. These features have turned my project from a test program into a polished professional product with a secure financial future."


"We evaluated third-party components from several vendors, and ComponentOne clearly was the best fit for our needs. With ComponentOne Reports for WinForms, I was able to do more in two weeks than I achieved in a month with another vendor’s solution."


"ComponentOne is the only solution that provided both high-quality and performance-optimized UI components along with a world-class reporting solution."