• Understand Your Users and Deliver Custom Content

    Learn where, how, and how long users are accessing your site. Gain insights to help drive business decisions or customize the web content depending on who is visiting.

  • Create Services Inside Visual Studio

    Quickly configure your Web API project with our Visual Studio ASP.NET 4.0 and ASP.NET 6 project templates and easy-to-use wizard. They work for both hosted and self-hosted Web APIs.

  • Flexible Deployment Options

    Built on ASP.NET Core, the Visitor Web API is designed to be deployed on multiple platforms and supports various hosting options for a wide range of clients such as mobile devices, and browsers.

Get All User Data in One Report

Implement browser fingerprinting for your business. The Visitor Web API enables you to effortlessly collect all the visitor information that's technically possible through a single, easy-to-use Web API method callback. Collect the following type of visitor information

  • IP Address
  • Geographic location & locale
  • First & current session
  • Browser version
  • Operating system & device specs
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Browser Fingerprinting

Browser fingerprinting is the capability of websites to use the information provided by browsers to identify visitors and track their online behavior. It is an accurate and powerful method used by the websites to collect information about your browser type and version, time zone, operating system, active plug-ins, language, and various other active settings.

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Collect Geographic and Locale Information

Collect valuable information about where in the world your visitors are when they view your website. The Visitor Web API can determine the user's geographic location using either the Google Maps API or the IP2Location database. Plus, you can also get locale information such as the country and language from the browser information.

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Collect Session Information

Collect valuable information about the visitor's session that includes the date and time, frequency of visits, referrer data, and search query of the website where they visited. You can access session data from the user's session when they first landed on the page and their current session. Session information includes:

  • Number of times a visitor visited the website
  • Date and time the visitor lands on a website
  • Time since the last visit to the website
  • URL of the first page the visitor landed on when arriving at the website.
  • U
  • RL of the website that referred the visitor
  • Query of the website where the visitor had visited
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Collect Device Information

Collect valuable information about the visitor's device that includes device specs and know if the visitor is using a mobile phone or tablet. Device information includes:

  • Screen resolution
  • Screen size in pixels
  • Family name of the mobile device
  • Version or edition of the device.
  • Whether the device is a mobile phone or tablet
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Create RESTful Web Services

The Cloud Web API is an HTTP service built on ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET Core technologies. You can easily create Web API services and RESTful services by starting with a template in Visual Studio. Customize your service application and then expose to the web over HTTP. It can also be used with REST calls or client libraries.

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Combines Server and Client-side User Tracking Capabilities

The Visitor Web API can provide the most user data by using a server API and a corresponding JavaScript client that work together. The server API gets the visitor's IP address and location for each client. The corresponding JavaScript client gathers the data provided by the server, stores the session and cookie, and it provides the information of the visitor on the client side.

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Simple Configuration and Maintenance

With the project wizard in Visual Studio, you can choose to include only those APIs you need for your app. Use the Cloud Web API seamlessly with other ComponentOne Web APIs. Plus, all APIs are available as NuGet packages through the NuGet Gallery.

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