Spread.NET Releases

Spread.NET v15

September 2, 2022 v15.3.20225.0

Spread.NET v15.2.20223.0 is now live! This release includes an important fix for a reported issue from our WinForms customers.

July 26, 2022 v15.2.20223.0

We are happy to announce the release of Spread.NET v15.2.20223.0. This release includes important fixes for customer reported issues.

April 26, 2022 v15.1.20221.0

We are happy to announce the release of Spread.NET v15.1.20221.0. This release introduces important changes and new features.

November 17, 2021 v15

This release features new platform controls for .NET 4.5.2+, .NET Core 3.1, and .NET 6.0, and major enhancements for calculations, data visualization, rich text and more.

Spread.NET v14

July 28, 2021 v14.45.20213.0

  • Users can now set the FrozenTrailingStickToEdge option to control whether to display the blank space between the data rows and columns, and the frozen trailing rows and columns.
  • Spread Winforms also provides the option to set the frozen line color with FrozenLineColor option.
  • Users can now set whether to paste the clipboard values in invisible cells, rows, and columns by using the PasteSkipInvisibleRange option.
  • Users can hide the rows and columns outlines using ShowOutline option.

May 20, 2021 v14.45.20211.0

  • Users can use the CacheOptions enumeration to improve the performance of specific formula functions, such as LOOKUP and MATCH type formulas with exact match.
  • Spread Winforms supports tracing Precedents and Dependents cells in spreadsheets along with fetching external references.
  • Users can now add percentage labels in Pie Chart.
  • Users can now hide and unhide sheets using tab strip context menu.
  • New formula functions ARRAYTOTEXT and VALUETOTEXT have been introduced to return text values from different non-text values.
  • Scroll by pixel through mouse wheel is now supported in Spread Winforms.

November 17, 2020 v14.45.20201.0

  • To keep up with the current technology and applications and future versions of .NET going forward, Spread for .NET now supports .NET 5/NET 3.1 Core. You can migrate the .NET Framework project to .NET Core project to support .NET5 or .NET 3.1 Core.
  • Updated the license for Spread.NET v14 components to use the new GrapeCity license model, and support the new platform components in .NET 5 package for NuGet distribution.
  • Support has been provided for adding Data Types just like in Excel so that users can access all the required information with an easy card pop up and extract key data from relevant objects.
  • Users can now add hyperlinks in cells to access information in a web page or workbook.
  • Extensive support for users to display formulas in cells which will aid them to audit formulas and understand unfamiliar workbooks, especially complex workbooks with numerous formulas.
  • Users can now edit shape points by using API or Designer. By doing this, any existing shape can be modified to a custom shape according to requirements.
  • Users can now select multiple worksheets at once so that you can perform multiple operations like delete, hide, move, copy, set tab color etc.
  • Support has been provided for the new LET calculation function like in Excel.
  • Excel-compatible keyboard shortcuts are now supported to save users' time and increase their efficiency.
  • CheckBoxCellType now supports the PictureZoomEffect property.
  • Users can print the entire workbook easily now with "Print Entire Workbook" option, which has been added to the Print preview window.

Spread.NET v13

August 5, 2020 v13.45.20203.0

  • various bugfixes (see release notes)

April 22, 2020 v13.45.20201.0

  • various bugfixes (see release notes)

November 5, 2019 v13.45.20191.0

  • Enhanced Calculation: New XLOOKUP/XMATCH Functions, Enhanced Structured Table Reference Support, Auto-Formatting
  • Visual Functions: Enhanced Custom Function Renders Custom Visualization Using Formulas
  • Enhanced Shape Engine: All Excel Shapes, Import Custom Shapes, Copy/Paste Shapes To/From Excel, Shape Properties Formula Bindings
  • Slicers for Table Filtering: Insert Slicers Like Excel, Import/Export Slicers in XLSX
  • New BeforeRightClick event: Ideal For Context Menu Reprocessing

Spread.NET v12

December 5, 2018

May 22, 2019 v12.45.20191.0

  • Dynamic Arrays: New '@' operator and new Functions FILTER, RANDARRAY, SEQUENCE, SINGLE, SORT, SORTBY, and UNIQUE
  • Spread Designer Enhancements: New Formulas tab with Formula Auditing and Calculation tools
  • Deselect the selection like Excel using CTRL
  • New F4 key Action: Toggle Formula Reference
  • New Constructor for AsyncFunction: Create Asynchronous Custom Functions

December 5, 2018 v12.45.20181.0

  • Exchangeable File Format: Enhanced XLSX serialization includes custom Spread objects, replaces XML format
  • More Excel-Like Spread: new default settings for more Excel-like default behavior
  • LegacyBeahviors: a new property for backward compatibility and improving smooth upgrade support
  • Calculation Enhancements: External Variables, 18 New Language Packs, External Reference Support, New Header/Footer Cell Reference Syntax for Formulas
  • Office Themes Support: Import and Export THMX Office Theme Files for loading and saving color, font, and effects

Spread.NET v11

December 6, 2017

July 18, 2018 v11.45.20183.0

  • various bugfixes (see release notes)

April 18, 2018 v11.45.20181.0

  • SheetView.EvaluationExpression enhancements
  • various bugfixes (see release notes)

December 6, 2017 v11.45.20171.0

  • Performance Improvements: New WinForms Calculation Engine 80% faster than v10
  • New WinForms Calculation Support: 130+ new Functions (462 total) and array formula support
  • New WinForms and ASP.NET Workbook Protection: Encrypt Workbook with Password
  • New WinForms Cell Validators: Enhanced Data Validation Support
  • New WinForms Printing Enhancement: Built-in Print Preview with Printer Settings