• A Complete High-Performance WinForms App Toolbox

    Leverage the extensive WinForms spreadsheet API and powerful calculation engine to create analysis, budgeting, dashboards, data collection and management, scientific, and financial applications.

  • High-Speed Performance and Optimized App Size

    Spread.NET ensures maximum performance and speed for your enterprise apps. Its modular structure means you only need to add what you use in your WinForms spreadsheet apps.

  • Code-Free Extensibility and Customization

    Instantly design a powerful Excel-like WinForms spreadsheet application with our desktop designer apps — no learning curve required.

  • Powerful Calculation Engine Includes 450+ Functions

    With custom functions and the formula text box, SpreadJS offers more built-in features than other WinForms spreadsheets. Your computing power is optimized for big data, complex calculations, and advanced Excel models.

  • Seamless Visual Studio Integration

    Build WinForms spreadsheet apps in Visual Studio 19 and deploy to Windows 10; include Excel 2016 themes.

  • Advanced Data Visualization

    Better identify insights using the many chart types, sparklines, and other custom data visualization features to enable your users to create the most advanced data visualizations.

Top .NET Spreadsheet Features

Powerful, fast calculation engine in .NET spreadsheet

Powerful, Fast Calculation Engine

This high-speed, optimized engine adds computing power to even the most complex formulas without dragging down your apps.

450+ functions in customizable library in .NET spreadsheet

450+ Functions in Customizable Library

More functions than in any available .NET spreadsheet, and full customization for your formulas—you’ll take your complex spreadsheets to the next level

No-code design with Spread Designers in .NET spreadsheet

No-Code Design with Spread Designers

With the powerful Spread Desktop Designer App, you’ll get code-free .NET spreadsheet apps in no time.

Import/export Excel files in .NET spreadsheet

Import/Export Excel Files

No spreadsheet is complete without full Excel import/export support! Import your most advanced Excel spreadsheets and then export your Spread.NET spreadsheet to XLSX or other file formats... all with zero dependencies on Excel.

NEW - Enhanced Shape Engine

Enhanced Shape Engine

Create flowcharts, process diagrams, cell callouts, and more with over 150 shapes, lines, and arrows. Connect and combine into Group Shapes to design logos or custom dashboard controls that can be scripted to perform user actions.

NEW - Slicers


Create Slicers to display table column values for filtering, apply themes, and styles to customize. Cut and paste the Slicer to another sheet to operate as a dashboard control.

Explore the Excel-like .NET Spreadsheet Features

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